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Saturday Greeley Game Night

We had 31 in attendance last Saturday and in addition to celebrating Boomer House’s 1-year anniversary, we played No Thanks!, R.A., Quacks of Quedlinburg, Lords of Waterdeep, Marrakesh, Aeon’s End, Galaxy Trucker, So Clover, Forbidden Desert, Crypid, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Battleship, Just One, King of Toyko, Settlers of Catan and Jaipur.

February’s First Friday!

We hosted 12 at our Boomer’s Hook and Ladder Club (50+) followed by our Afternoon All-Ages Gaming. We played Skull, Just One, Cribbage, Dixit, Hues and Clues, Chess, Dimension, Tsuro, NMBR9, Boop and Dominion.