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boomer house

About Boomer House

Built in 1895, “Boomer House” is named after its first resident, William M. Boomer, one of the pioneers of Greeley who was elected mayor in the early 1890s. Boomer worked as a barber on Main Street (now 8th Street), served on the City Council for several terms, and organized Greeley’s first fire department. More information on the history and architecture of the building can be found here.

We are proud to share this lovely old house with the public for the first time, and to make it accessible for everyone. Our wheelchair ramp can be accessed from the parking spaces in the alley at the back of the house.

We want Boomer House to be the perfect venue for board gaming – good lighting, wide tables, comfy chairs – and for many other kinds of events as well.

the first gamers owners of the boomer house

About Lane and Amy

Lane and Amy have been hosting board game events nearly every week since 2011. We love to connect people with each other through gaming. Our game nights are fun and friendly for first-timers and casual gamers, but also a great place for the heavy cardboard.

After hosting game nights in our home for several years, in 2016 we decided we were ready to share modern board games with a bigger community. We started a weekly public Meetup on Saturday nights, first at Crabtree Brewing, then Cranford’s Tea Tavern, then Broken Plow Brewery, then Zoom, and finally in 2022 at our own venue at Boomer House.