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Sunday Afternoon All-Ages Gaming!

Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming Ahead! Santa visited this last weekend and will be back for our Boomer House Christmas Party December 17th. Party info: Bring a wrapped used/new game and we’ll have a white elephant gift exchange. And, plan on Santa for pictures at 4pm!

Saturday Greeley Game Night!

Looking forward to gaming with you! We were at BGG.con in Dallas, TX last weekend- just amazing! Recommend you check out gamer comedian Grant Lyon- he was a big hit at the con. Picture below features Remington and Amy in the BGG lending library, which had 8,522 unique items available for check out!

Friday All Ages Gaming!

We’re open this weekend, back from our weekend off at BoardGameGeek.con in Dallas! And we have so many new games to play! HOT GAMES new to the Boomer House collection: Kunta Hora, Great Western Trail New Zealand, The White Castle, Booop. and Sky Team. And, then we’ve added some additional great games: Calico, Lorenzo, Riverboat, Sherif of Nottingham, Count Your…

Saturday Greeley Game Night!

We had 16 in attendance last Saturday and played Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Splendor: Marvel, Puerto Rico, Don’t LLAMA, Carcassonne, Poetry for Neanderthals, NMBR9, No Thanks! and Alhambra.