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Saturday Greeley Game Night!

We had 35 in attendance last Saturday and played Anomia, Arkham Horror, Star Realms, Dune Imperium, Castles of Burgundy, Whoonu, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, Sky Joe, No Thanks!, Glux, Number 9, Hues and Clues, Point Salad, Imagine, Mysterium, King of Toyko, Kingdomino, Welcome To, Exploding Kittens, Hadara, Timeline, Crokinole

Sunday All-ages gaming!

We had 40 in attendance last Sunday and played Exploding Kittens, Century Spice Road, Blokus, Secret Hitler, Settlers of Catan, Skull, D&D, Klask, Chess, Cornhole, Crokinole, Cryptid, Whoonu, Blood on the Clocktower, Red 7, Space Base, Number 9, Space Team, Terraforming Mars, The Game of Life

Private Events at Boomer House!

Let us host your next event! Seven rooms and large backyard patio, wheelchair accessible, great catering options and liquor license. And, Amy and her staff can host games for your group- fun, fun! Boomer House – Event Hosting Space (greeleyevents.com)

Sunday All-ages gaming!

We had 32 in attendance last Sunday and played No Thanks!, Bunny Kingdom, Catan, Buildzi, My Farm Shop, Dr. Eureka, Blood on the Clocktower, Whoonu, Uno, Checkers, One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Sunday All-ages gaming!

We had 31 in attendance last Sunday- a new business RECORD! We played 7 Wonders, King of Tokyo, Guillotine, Blood on the Clocktower (13-18 teens), Smash Up, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Shoes Baby!, Set, Dimension, Skull. Also… consider casting a vote for us in the Tribune’s Best of Greeley for ‘Best Place to Entertain Kids!’ Greeley Tribune – Best of…

Greeley Game Night’s signature event- Saturday

We had 41 in attendance Saturday night! In addition to our three upstairs rooms reserved for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition and two private D&D groups, downstairs we played Too Many Bones, Wavelength, Here to Slay, London, Zel’Lote, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Magic Maze, Abandon All Artichokes, Ethnos, Flamme Rouge, Schotten Totten

First Fridays at the Boomer House!

For our First Friday 50+ gaming luncheon (AKA Boomer’s Hook and Ladder Club) we had 16 in attendance (including the Greeley Art Association) and played Wavelength, Just One, Hues & Clues, Pictures, Cribbage, Ganz Schon Clever, Glass Road. Our INAGURURAL Homeschool gaming had 16 in attendance, and played 7 Wonders, Captain Sonar, Number 9, Ticket to Ride, Chess. We finished…